Property Sales in Acton in September

Prices down from record month in August

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The numbers below are from the Land Registry for homes in the Acton area that changed hands during September.

The average price per property changing hands during the month was £350,142. This compares to £392,986 in August which was an all-time high.

The average price of a W3 property has risen by 11.6% over the third quarter and 20.0% over the year according to data from the Land Registry. The average for Acton for the third quarter as a whole was now £366,677.

The previous quarter an exceptionally high proportion of flats sold depressed the overall average and masked strong price growth. This quarter a more normal split between flats and houses meant that the price trend became more clear.

Over the longer term Acton property prices are now up by 38.8% over the last three years.

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Date Address
28-Sep-07 13, Walton Way W3 0AW
28-Sep-07 12, Cromwell Close W3 6BN
28-Sep-07 194 Pegasus Court, Flat 34, Horn Lane W3 6PT
28-Sep-07 12, Conway Grove W3 6UJ
28-Sep-07 Bromyard House, Flat 198, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
28-Sep-07 Bromyard House, Flat 212, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
28-Sep-07 79, Davis Road W3 7SF
28-Sep-07 Gunnersbury Court, Flat 70, Bollo Lane W3 8JN
28-Sep-07 5, Ragley Close W3 8QP
27-Sep-07 8, Chaucer Road W3 6DR
27-Sep-07 159, Upper Ground Floor, Horn Lane W3 6PP
26-Sep-07 310, Western Avenue W3 0PH
26-Sep-07 Bromyard House, Flat 205, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
26-Sep-07 Bromyard House, Flat 220, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
26-Sep-07 Bromyard House, Flat 455, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BY
26-Sep-07 151a, Valetta Road W3 7TA
25-Sep-07 26, Petersfield Road W3 8NY
25-Sep-07 Graham Tower, Flat 163, Hanbury Road W3 8RQ
24-Sep-07 4, The Fairway W3 7PN
24-Sep-07 38, West Lodge Avenue W3 9SF
21-Sep-07 11, Court Way W3 0PY
21-Sep-07 Trentham Court, Flat 62, Victoria Road W3 6AD
21-Sep-07 Trentham Court, Flat 144, Victoria Road W3 6BF
21-Sep-07 2a, Flat 2, Newburgh Road W3 6DQ
21-Sep-07 Lynton Court, Flat 12, Horn Lane W3 6PN
21-Sep-07 Tilbury House, 1, Horn Lane W3 6QR
21-Sep-07 7, Shakespeare Road, Acton W3 6SG
21-Sep-07 10, Flat F, Leamington Park W3 6TJ
21-Sep-07 36, Perry Avenue W3 6YQ
21-Sep-07 341a, Acton Lane W3 8NU
21-Sep-07 253 Acton House, Flat 34, Horn Lane W3 9EJ
21-Sep-07 15, Flat 4, Birch Grove W3 9SW
20-Sep-07 157, Cotton Avenue W3 6YG
20-Sep-07 36, Anderson Close W3 6YJ
20-Sep-07 14, The Fairway W3 7PW
19-Sep-07 17, St Dunstans Avenue W3 6QD
19-Sep-07 James Welch Court, Flat 6, Heathfield Road W3 8EN
18-Sep-07 87, Noel Road W3 0JG
17-Sep-07 Ayr Court, Flat 12, Monks Drive W3 0EA
17-Sep-07 155, Western Avenue W3 6RN
14-Sep-07 40, Flat 4, Birkbeck Road W3 6BQ
14-Sep-07 8, Flat D, Horn Lane W3 6QT
14-Sep-07 Western Court, Flat 9, Rosebank Way W3 6TU
13-Sep-07 22, Walton Way W3 0AW
13-Sep-07 87, Top Floor Flat, York Road W3 6TN
11-Sep-07 23, Ashfield Road W3 7JE
10-Sep-07 15, Stuart Road W3 6DG
10-Sep-07 97, Perryn Road W3 7LT
10-Sep-07 132, Top Floor Flat, Valetta Road W3 7TH
07-Sep-07 25, Cromwell Close W3 6BN
07-Sep-07 19, Avenue Gardens W3 8HA
07-Sep-07 Springfield Court, Flat 11, Lynton Road W3 9EA
04-Sep-07 Bromyard House, Flat 217, Bromyard Avenue W3 7BN
04-Sep-07 11, Hillcrest Road, Acton W3 9RN
03-Sep-07 Shalimar Lodge, 16, Horn Lane W3 6PR
03-Sep-07 Graham Tower, Flat 111, Hanbury Road W3 8RQ
03-Sep-07 Rosemont Court, Flat 35, Rosemont Road W3 9LS
03-Sep-07 353, Flat 8, Uxbridge Road, Acton W3 9RH
03-Sep-07 12, Stanway Gardens W3 9ST


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