Are You Ready For The Start To The Gardening Year?

Michael Wale on planting, runner beans and Morrison's bargains

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Easter lily


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Easter weekend is always seen as the big start to the year’s gardening, as those with a garden, allotment, or a community space get three whole days to toil the spoil.

Never worry about being late planting anything. Remember that like humans, seeds and plants prefer the warmth. At last the soil should start to warm u[ this weekend. Although we have had no rain, and at times it has been really hot, the soil has remained quite wet and cold. So you can put potatoes in as late as this weekend, as well as onion sets, and anything else you forgot to plant. But a warning. Remember that over the past two years the weather in May has not been very good. In fact very wet, and not very warm. So do not plant your runner beans outdoors yet. If you have a greenhouse, or polytunnel, then plant them in there. I remember last year doing just this, and putting them out in May, and there was a frost and I lost the lot. But the seeds I sowed directly into the soil later produced a fine crop. So nothing is gained in gardening by hurrying. And remember that nature rules, and that you will never trick or beat it. Which is one of the rewarding things about this whole gardening business. Broad beans are far hardier than runner beans when they are young, and although it is a bit late to put them in, if you get them in this weekend you should be alright.  

Morrisons in Acton are selling their own seed cheaply, so take advantage and you can put all your salad stuff directly into the soil , although you may have to cover it with plastic if the bad weather does come. By the way , thinking ahead, to your tomato crop ( plant them indoors now) Morrisons were offering the gardening bargain of the year this week 20 canes for 99p. I bought 60 0f them!

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19 April 2011