It's Yardsale Weekend in Acton as Locals Take On American Tradition

Four sales in just one street and nine in the area

Acton residents have taken the yard sale idea to heart this weekend with at least nine in Acton Central alone.

There will be no less than four yard sales in Goldsmith Avenue, another two in Goldsmith Road, one in Lynton Road, one in Cumberland Park and one in Cumberland Road.

Clare Gittins, former editor of, says people are selling everything from toys and books to the more unique including a new breadmaker, some G-Plan chairs, and a Dyson hoover. There may even be some delicious cake on offer and we've even heard of children getting involved with lemonade stands.

"The sales were featured in yesterday’s Evening Standard. For anyone who doesn’t know what a yard sale is, it’s a well-established habit in the USA and is a bit like holding your own car boot sale in your front garden," Clare says.

Most sales are starting at midday, but check the West London listings page on or start clearing your clutter now and set up your own yard sale. There are already two advertised for next weekend in Acton.

If you're clearing the clutter, why not talk about it on our Forum.

11 May 2011

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