Two Years Of The Village Trading Store

Shop that sells everything celebrates biennial anniversary

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Usually when you hear about some kind of anniversary you feel old. "It's been only 558 years since the end of the Hundred Years War? But that happened only yesterday?!" Then we feel depressed, and closer to our inevitable deaths.

But every so often, something bucks the trend. The Village Trading Store has ensconced itself so totally in our community that it feels like it's been here for ever. But it hasn't! It's only been here two years! Now, don't you feel young?

Anyway, the Village Trading Store is rightly celebrating this great event with a marathon late opening - from 9am 'til 8pm - on 25 November, which is of course the fateful date itself.

Why not pop in and congratulate the proprietor Laura Forsyth, by having a coffee or purchasing one of the shop's many knick-knacks?

November 14, 2011