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General update

The last quarter has proven to be one of exceptional demand. The Commissioner has announced his new vision with regards to Neighbourhood Policing. This essentially means that neighbourhood Policing will become the forefront of Police business. To give you a rough idea of how this will look, Safer Neighbourhoods Teams will be given additional resources (or Local Policing Teams as they will be branded) and will be taking over responsibility for the investigation of crime (obviously not including very serious crime, which will fall into the CID portfolio as previously), will take over responsibility for non-emergency/priority calls and will retain responsibility for Safer Neighbourhood Teams’ current responsibilities (proactive patrolling, victim reassurance, local problem solving, warrant development and execution etc….) Additionally, to avoid abstractions, new custody Operational Command Units are being created to relieve abstraction in relation to ‘Custody’ and Borough Support Units will take responsibility for ‘Aid’.

The deputy commissioner has also commissioned an 8 week public consultation on local policing model. More information will be distributed as and when it becomes available.

New recruits to the panel

The Ward Panel members are keen to recruit both youth members (16-21), as well as representation from more minority groups to our panel. The commitment is a couple of hours every quarter. If this is something you might be interested in finding more about, please contact . It is a fantastic opportunity to add something unusual to a CV.

Speeding along Churchfield Road.

The Council have been contacted about creation of a traffic survey towards tackling this issue.

Police and public general interaction

It was mentioned that while people had seen a greater police presence on foot in the local area, some local people would like to engage more on a day to day basis with the police on the beat. It was suggested that the police and local people collectively make an effort to speak and interact more with each other. Please make that effort to say hello if you see any of the SNT on their beat.

Crime Figures and Trends

The following shows the year on year trend of crime numbers for the final quartile of the year. These show a healthy reduction in most areas.

  Oct '11 'Nov 11 'Dec 11 total
Burglary dwelling 7 16 9 32
Burglary non dwelling 3 3 4 10
Crime dam 17 8 10 35
Drugs 14 6 8 28
Robbery 14 6 5 25
Violence 36 31 24 91
Fraud/Forgery 6 5 8 19
Theft/handling 43 43 38 124
  Oct '12 Nov 12 Dec 12 Total/increase decrease
Burglary dwelling 7 16 9 32 (34.69%)
Burglary non dwelling 3 3 4 10 ( 9.09% )
Crime dam 17 14 5 36 ( 2.78% )
Drugs 8 6 10 24 ( -16.66% )
Robbery 0 1 4 5 ( -400% )
Violence 26 30 27 83 ( -9.64% )
Fraud/Forgery 2 6 5 13 (-46.15% )
Theft/handling 45 52 39 136 ( 8.82% )


Residential Burglary in the West Acton vicinity

Over the recent months Ealing Borough Police have been proactively working towards tackling burglary on the borough as a whole. This meant tackling the borough’s ‘hotspots’ and has led to some very good results and arrests so far. Acton Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team (SNT) has undertaken ward specific plain-clothes operations over the last 2 weeks and has been bidding for additional resources. However, this has been hard to achieve taking into account the overall borough picture. Acton Central will be working towards an Acton Central specific operation over the coming 2 weeks.

Currently the West Acton part of the ward has recently seen a large number of incidents and these are being targeted by the SNT for additional focus.

Fraud in relation to Bank Cards - Advice:

Members of the public have been receiving unsolicited telephone calls from individuals purporting to be from the Police or their bank. These individuals obtain the card details from their victims and inform them that their card needs to be collected by a courier.

The bank cards are then used fraudulently without the victim’s knowledge.

If you receive such a call end it immediately.

Please be aware of the following:

• Your bank will never attend your home
• Your bank and the police will never collect your bank card
• Your bank and the police will never ask for your PIN
• If you have already given your bank card or disclosed your PIN you should call the police non emergency number 101.

All local mini-cab companies have been contacted and given detailed information about the scam. However, it still appears to be happening.

Recent Action Undertaken by the Team

CUBO 3 operations to tackle uninsured/licence vehicles since the last meeting. Most recently The Vale 18/12/2012. Result: Over 300 vehicles stopped, 5 vehicle seizures (not insurance/licence), 6 drivers processed (fixed penalty notices or reported for summons)

Warrants 6 warrants executed successfully, resulting in 8 arrests, 1 mental health sectioning and one cannabis warning.

ASBOs/Injunctions/ABCs - Acton Central helped A2 Dominion to gain a housing injunction in relation to an abusive neighbour. This followed Police sectioning the male and him being kept under section for some weeks. Also 2 injunctions were granted in relation to an address, following ongoing neighbour disputes.

Dispersals/Ward Priority Work

‘The Mount’ - The dispersal zone has been largely successful. So far Acton Central SNT have been responsible for 165 dispersals over the 6 month period. The total is not calculable, but this is estimated to be well over 200, taking into account Officers from other teams who have dispersed individuals, but not recorded them. 27 arrests have been by Acton Central SNT in relation to anti-social behaviour related offences on the Mount (e.g. breach of dispersal, public order offences etc), as well as a variety of other enforcement measures (Penalty Notices, ASBOs etc).

Stolen Goods - Since last meeting, as the result of proactive interrogation of goods being sold on, there have been 3 arrests for handling stolen goods, with 2 more to follow.

Crime Prevention

Acton Central SNT are currently looking at target hardening with regards to residential burglary, dipping into local authority funds. The team will carry out a crime survey and the results will be forwarded onto the Local Authority Safer Partnership Team and Help the Aged, who will be able to provide and fit crime prevention devices. If you know anyone who would benefit from this service, please contact the SNT and they will visit them.

Residents are encouraged to register any items with serial numbers on approved websites e.g. Should include SatNavs, mobile phones, laptops and pedal cycles etc.

Elderly/Vulnerable Persons Scams - Let the Safer Neighbourhoods Team know if there’s anyone you wish us to visit. We can take them the “big book of scams”, which explains some common offences.

Community Engagements

Recent Engagements:

Acton Christmas Fair 08.12.2012 - £211 donations, Vehicle load of clothes. Supported by St Mungos, Police Cadets and Acton Central SNT.

There have been 3 Street Meetings since the last Panel meeting. They are at key locations of King Street Acton - outside Morrisons, Churchfield Road - outside Acton Central Overground and Saxon Drive - outside West Acton Overground. They have been well attended, but please encourage others to look at details of these on our website –

Upcoming Engagements:

The next one is on “The Mount” at 1200 on the 19th January 2013. The theme will be home security. Please feel free to come along.

Ward Priorities

• Alcohol and drug related anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of "The Mount" (inc outside Morrisons, Acton High Street and Churchfield Road) - Subject to problem solving actvity.

• Sale and receipt of stolen goods in the Churchfield Road and Acton High Street areas - Subject to problem solving activity.

• Burglaries in the West Acton area. Focus is now specific enough for the police to carry out meaningful work - Now designated (10.01.2012) as a ward priority and subject to problem solving activity.

Developing Priorities

• Anti-social behaviour (ASB) on the Friary Park Estate is an upcoming priority, with ASB continuing (drugs present and reports persisting). The public are encouraged to contact the team to help solve the problem.

• Drugs activity in the area of Churchfield Road area seems to have become quieter recently - seems more of an issue in summer months. The public are encouraged to contact the team to help solve the problem.

• Retail crime in the Acton High Street area still persists as a problem, with Morrisons being one of the worst affected shops in the Met.



January 14th 2013



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