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Birds on Bollo Bridge Road

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Following on from his very successful ‘Sentience’ exhibition at the W3 Gallery, Mark Wydler has produced two huge wall paintings of birds on Bollo Bridge Road, as part of the ‘Art hits the streets’ initiative organised by Acton Community Forum.

His work is part of an ambitious project to transform the South Acton estate with beautiful and colourful paintings and mosaics, by many different artists, all with their own unique style.


Mark’s paintings are of a snipe and a partridge, two species that once dwelled in this area and were once common all over England, but whose numbers are now declining alarmingly due to industrial farming and urbanisation.

These pictures celebrate these creatures and have created a very positive response from the local residents, who say they brighten up the area, put a smile on people’s faces and give them something interesting to look at.

Mark says: “The ‘Art hits the streets’ campaign is a very positive event for the whole of Acton, with many artists with very different styles contributing striking works to bring art into the daily lives of ordinary people. The response so far has been fantastic, with people of all ages saying how refreshing it is to have beautiful things to look at on the walls of their estate. A lot of children and young people have been very interested in the process and the idea of creating large paintings in public spaces, and this bodes well for participation in the upcoming community workshops where we will be making paintings and mosaics with local residents.”

One local resident commented on the new art appearing in the area: “It brightens up the grim little bits of the estate, changing an eyesore into something pleasant.” South Acton Ward Councillor John Gallagher said at a recent South Acton Network meeting that he gives his full support to this public art project. Ealing Council Regeneration Manager David Colley said “The regeneration of South Acton is about more than just replacing old buildings, and we’re really pleased that some of the less attractive areas of the estate, which will be with us for some years before they can be replaced, can play host to such beautiful works of art”.

Mark also has a piece, along with forty other famous and varied artists, in the upcoming ‘You’ve been framed’ exhibition at the W3 Gallery, opening at 6.30pm on the 9th May.



3rd May 2013