Prince Charles Fails to Travel by Bicycle to Acton

But New waxwork for Tussauds is eco-friendly


Prince Charles in his smart new suit

Eco-friendly Prince Charles waxwork

Prince Charles in situ at Tussauds

Prince Charles in situ at Tussauds

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Yesterday, Acton was at the heart of all things royal - and eco-friendly.  

A new waxwork of Prince Charles, updated since the last one and wearing a smart new suit in his official Prince of Wales check, has been launched. The waxwork Prince Charles was made in Acton - in Madame Tussaud's Acton HQ where all waxworks, whether destined for Baker Street or Las Vegas, are created.  

The Prince of Wales rejoined Madame Tussauds London on Wednesday, May 23 fresh from an ‘eco friendly’, 21st century makeover combining re-sculpted face and the lightest of carbon footprints. In-keeping with the real Royal’s desire to raise awareness of global warming, Tussauds sculptors have drastically reduced and offset carbon emissions produced in the making of his figure.   

He was created ‘naturally’ from clay and beeswax containing organic pigments. The production process, achieved solely by hand and done only during daylight hours, has also seen all design plans, sketches and sculpting materials recycled, and motor travel kept to an absolute minimum. Madame Tussauds will back local environmental-planting to cancel out the remaining carbon footprint, equivalent to three trees.  

According to Ben Lovett, PR Manager for, Madame Tussauds, "everyone involved with this had to travel by bike. The average journey time one-way from The Vale to Madame Tussaud's in Baker Street took our sculptors and designers 30 minutes."   It was not, however,  possible to transport 'Prince Charles' by bicycle. "We transported the finished figure by motorized courier only to ensure the safety of such a large item."

Mr Lovett continued: "We offset the remaining carbon emissions from the Acton production of our ‘Green’ Prince Of Wales by planting three trees in Cornwall (a county close to the Prince’s heart) via Their planting will cancel out the remaining carbon footprint. The Prince is a major advocate of green issues and at Tussauds we aim to be up to date with the people we portray so we felt it really important to reflect the Prince in his current, 21st century, eco-friendly role and lifestyle."  

We asked the new-look Prince Charles how he felt about his time spent in the Vale, but he didn't make any comment.

The new-look Charles launches a new Royals Zone, which has already proved hugely popular with international visitors.

May 24, 2007