Was 'Disappearing Tree' Removed by Ealing Council?

Residents are mystified by now-you-see-it-now-you-don't tree

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A mystery is unfolding on the ActonW3.com Forum.

Last Tuesday, Dee Cook posted that a newly planted tree at the junction of Goldsmith Avenue and St Dunstan’s Avenue had disappeared, with the hole being filled in with mastic asphalt. 

Dee asked for help with identifying the perpetrators: “If you have any evidence as to who has carried out this act of vandalism the Borough Arborculturist will be prepared to take enforcement action.

“Any information please would be very helpful, as this is the second time that this has happened at this location.

Others commented that vandals or thieves were hardly likely to have filled in the hole, but also thought that it was a sad state of affairs as trees had been stolen before from this site which would greatly benefit from having a tree in that particular position. The mystery deepened the following day when Dee Cook commented that she had checked with Ealing Council who said they had not removed the tree.

Joanna Harvey then said she had witnessed the Council removing the tree. “It was a truck from a proper tree surgeon company,” she said, “and they chucked it in the back and did the tarmac. When I asked why they were doing it they said they were working for the Council! Someone is lying and I suspect it’s the Council.” 

Another poster, Ian M Green, speculated that the root (pardon the pun) of the mystery could like with two different Ealing Council departments infighting, “or do the Council keep replanting the same tree to meet a target for [the] number of trees planted?” 

Dee Cook has asked Ealing Council to explain. She said, "they are pursing the matter as they did not give instructions to have the perfectly healthy tree removed."

Later, Dee revealed that Ealing Council had contacted her to tell her that a resident had objected to the tree so Ealing Council removed it.

We have also contacted the Council today for comments.






May 18, 2010