Acton Central SNT Newsletter - May 2011

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Uniform Fun Day - 4th June

We are hosting a large community event 'uniform fun day' on Saturday 4th June 12-4pm supporting Help for Heroes. Should be a great day for kids, family and the community at large.

We have linked this in with the local schools who will be designing posters for the event, the winner receiving a prize donated by Morrison's.

We will be in attendance and have also arranged for the police horses, police traffic unit (inc. car), police dog unit, fire brigade, army cadets, Ealing council, iIce cream van to attend and will also have a vintage police car and a set of stocks where you can throw wet sponges at the 'old bill' for a nominal charity fee!

We are supporting Help for Heroes who will also be in attendance and hope to raise a good amount of money for the charity.

We will be putting up posters in due course but would urge you to spread the word and would be great to see you there on the day.

Scheduled public meetings

Come and meet the team - Free crime prevention advice, leaflets & freebies!




Street briefing

17/05/2011 15:00-16:00

Oaks Shopping Centre




Crime prevention Roadshow

28/05/2011 1630 – 1730

Friary Park

  • Sunday March 20, 2011: Street briefing,   3-5pm, Cumberland Road, W3

  • Sunday March 27, 2011: Street briefing,   1-3pm, The Mount (outside Morrison’s, Acton)

 Ward Priorities

  • Anti-social behaviour related to drugs

  • Anti-social behaviour related to alcohol

  • Burglary

‘You said we did’- what’s been done so far.

  • Plain-clothes and high-visibility patrols in the area targeting drug dealing and drug use. Offenders prosecuted.

  • Seizure of alcohol, dispersal and prosecution of problem individuals on the ward.

  • Police presence in crime ‘hot-spot’ areas. Follow up visits made to all burglary victims. Crime prevention advice and security equipment provided to residents.

Your Ward - SNT update

During the month of April an Acton Town Centre Dispersal Zone was granted. This covers a large area of  the Acton Central and South Acton wards. This gives officers and PCSO’s extra power to disperse groups of trouble makers. This is in place until the 18/10/11. Powers under the dispersal order allow an officer or PCSO to tell problematic people in a group to leave the area for up to 24hrs. They will be arrested and can be imprisoned or fined up to £2500 if they return to the area within that period. This has been a success so far with arrests being made already.

This month’s crime prevention advice

Please ensure communal doors to flats are closed at all times.

Recently houses on the ward have suffered Burglaries whereby person/s are gaining access to flats where the communal doors are left open. This provides easy access to burglars where they can the force doors inside in without being seen from the street.   

If you would like a crime prevention visit to discuss security please call or email the team

01 May 2011