Former Acton High Head Dies

Mandy Golding passes after battle with cancer


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Acton High School's former headteacher Mandy Golding has died, after suffering from cancer. She was diagnosed with a stage 4 melanoma in September of 2010, at which time she stepped down as head.

Ms Golding's passing at this time has surprised many as she had been well enough to go on holiday in February of this year, but her health rapidly worsened until she died peacefully on Monday 31 October at the Arkley Nursing Home in Barnet.

Andrew Sievewright, Golding's replacement as headteacher at Acton High gave a statement about the passing:

"As an inspirational Headteacher, Mandy did an excellent job for the students, parents and staff at Acton High, demonstrating great passion and commitment to the school in everything she did, and developing it as a thriving modern comprehensive. Prior to taking on the job of Headteacher, Mandy was an advisor to the school for several years. Staff have paid tribute to the work she did with them during this period, commenting on how much her knowledge and understanding, as well as her superb communication skills, helped them to develop their expertise in key areas.

Mandy was renowned as a leader, who worked ferociously hard, but never lost her sense of humour or her ability to empathise with, and support, her staff and the students and families of Acton High. She was also a great advocate for the school, always willing to clarify the school’s mission and champion its strengths. She will be greatly missed by the whole school community."

Arrangements for a memorial service are still pending, and details will be given to Acton High School soon. Check back at for the details when they come. Counseling will also be made available to any students who require it.

November 4, 2011


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