Ofsted report calls Acton High "outstanding"

But John Perryn School gets special measures

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Ofsted inspectors have pronounced Acton High School & Centre for Media Arts "outstanding".

The last inspection for Acton High took place in 2002 and dubbed the school "satisfactory". This latest report is based on a very recent visit to the school by inspectors on September 25-26.

Inspector Janet Mercer said: "Acton High School is an outstanding school which enables its students to make excellent progress, through a highly effective combination of good teaching, an outstanding curriculum which is very well matched to students' needs and excellent care, guidance and support for all students."

The report looked at various aspects of the school including overall effectiveness, achievements and standards, personal development and well-being, curriculum, care guidance and support, leadership and management. All these were given glowing accolades by inspectors. The inspectors judged teaching and learning as "good" as it was felt to be "not yet consistent in all lessons".

Headteacher Lesley Hall said: "We are very proud to achieve such a glowing report of our achievements. As a specialist media arts school and as the borough's first extended school we will continue to broaden opportunities for our students so they can build on their many talents. In April, we will move into our new school which is designed for a 21st century education. All this will enable us to further develop our work, which was so resoundingly endorsed by the Ofsted inspection."

Acton High deserves congratulations for this glowing report. It has 1008 pupils aged 11-16.

However, it's not all good news for Acton schools. John Perryn School, a mixed school for ages 3-11 was described as having "exceptionally low standards" by Barry Jones, the Head Inspector who has recommended the school for special measures. The school is badly managed and the quality of the teaching is "inadequate".

The report said that the main weakness in the curriculum was that it "does not meet the needs of the range of learners".

October 23, 2006