Growing Fly-tip Greets Visitors to Acton Central

'Health hazard' is opposite station on Churchfield Road

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Visitors to Acton arriving at Acton Central station will be greeted by a pile of fly-tipped mattresses, sofas and other less identifiable rubbish which appears to be on private land.

Residents first noticed the mattresses several days ago, then Marie Siddique commented on the growing 'health hazard' on the W3 discussion forum.

According to Dee Cook, it is unlikely to be dealt with by the Council until evidence is found that the fly-tip consitutes a vermin-infested health hazard. This is apparently because until Councils do not have powers to remove rubbish from private land.

Ms Cook said: "The owner is an Indian Gentleman who rents that property and the one next door to people who appear to come and go.

"As the rubbish is on private land there will be little the Council can do to have it removed unless the Indian gentleman pays them to remove it by way of a special refuse collection."

She also commented that if large numbers of people complain about the fly-tip, then it is more likely that the Council will take action to deal with the problem.

In the mean time, we have received reports of an unappetising smell on the corner of Goldsmith Road and Churchfield Road.


August 27, 2009