Planning Meeting for Rosemont Court Residents

Opposition to Barratt Development from locals

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The proposal to build a 5-6 storey block next to Rosemont Court is due to go before the Planning Committee in the Council Chamber at Ealing Council on 1st April at 7:00pm.

There will also be a site visit tomorrow morning at 10:30am.

Residents have informed us about both meetings and have asked anyone concerned with over-development of Acton to try to come along. Planning Officers at Ealing Council have recommended the Barratt Homes proposal.

A resident who called the Council earlier this year, told us about a further twist in this particular development's history. She called Ealing Council to talk to the Planning Officer and was told by the lady who answered the phone that she would take a message and get the relevant planning officer to call her back.

When she gave the address for the development, the operator on the phone asked her to repeat the address and then said: "But I live there - and I know absolutely nothing about this development."

Late last year this site reported that Rosemont Court residents had received an unexpected and very unwanted Christmas present after receiving news of a proposal for a new development.

Their block, a 1930's art deco building next to Springfield Park, was be overshadowed by a new 5-6 storey block to be constructed by Barratt Homes.

Residents opposing the development say Ealing Council has not answered their questions about a tree which has already been felled in violation of a protection order.

The Council tree officer apparently told a resident that this was a criminal offence. However a resident since discovered that Ealing Council admitted permission was given in error.

Further questions about whether the development is needed with so many other large developments going up in Acton at the moment. They also still have concerns about a reduction in the amount of light as the development is 11 metres taller than the industrial units which are currently on the site.


March 27, 2009