Abu Qatada Not Being Deported

Will Acton's favourite radical Islamist cleric return?


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Guess who might be coming back to Acton? If you can read the headline of this article, you probably guessed right - it's Abu Qatada!

Acton's biggest expert on establishing a global caliphate might be returning to our fair suburb, as today the government's attempt to have him deported to Jordan has been refused.

The government had been attempting to offload Qatada on the Jordanians by making him face punishment for terrorism in Jordan (where he's already been found guilty in absentia). But the European Court of Human Rights had other ideas, as the evidence used to convict him was obtained through torture.

Anyway, the upshot is that who could soon be released to return to his family home - on Goldsmith Avenue, in Acton. The government has three months to appeal the decision, and if they decide not to - he's back.

Let's not worry too much about Abu Qatada returning to Acton though - by all accounts he was a quiet neighbour, and the heavy monitoring from MI5 leads to a drop in crime!

UPDATE: It seems that Abu Qatada's family has recently moved out of Acton, relocating to the sunnier climes of Wembley. It's a bit embarassing for us, but on the plus side Acton is now safe from radical Islam! Or more likely to be targeted. One of them.

January 23, 2012


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