Dog Mess Challenge Hits the Streets

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Last week on the Forum, Hayes Thompson challenged site visitors to a competition.

Fed up with walking past several disgusting heaps of poo every time he ventured out, Hayes said: " what are you waiting for? Get spotting!"

Hayes wanted everyone to send in photos of the most disgusting dog poo in Acton.

So far, there have been a number of sympathetic replies with grid references and all-too-vivid descriptions of dog mess - and worse. Perhaps the problem is that not enough people travel around Acton with their cameras at the ready.

However, we received this photograph earlier this week from Alex Watson who is keen to take part in the competition.

Alex said: " Honestly, you can't even walk out of your own front gate without coming across a dog s***! I spend most of my mornings on the school run screeching at the kids, "MIND THE POO!!!" It's like dodge ball!" 

Due to sizing problems you may find the small heap in question quite difficult to see. However, it is extremely inconveniently placed and could have resulted in many pooey footsteps into the unfortunate Watson home.

March 26, 2010