Acton Poetry Competition Goes Global

Creative talent attracts attention from far and wide

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Michelle Smith's Community Poetry programme has attracted attention from overseas.

She has received an email from Miriam Whelan in New Zealand which reads:

"I thought you’d like to know that we are enjoying your poetry here in NZ.   

"My brother took a photo of a poem by Joe Laurie that he saw stuck to a tree near where he lives in London and sent it through to us. 

"Keep up the great work and happy Christmas!"

Michelle has also been sent a poem by Jee Kast who is practising writing poems as he has recently reached the semi-finals of the Dutch Poetry Slam competition:


In the North
there lies a kiss
frozen in the ice,
in the glacier’s skin,
you still see
a vague spot of lipstick

some day
much later
hopefully long after

mankind will recover it,
ponder what it served for
hold it against the light
and use for something else. 

Jee Kast 2009


December 17, 2009