Private Clampers in Cowley Road Cause Misery

New Tesco on the Vale brings 'cash cow' for private clamping firm

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A resident has contacted us to and asked us to warn readers about private clampers in the Cowley Road Industrial Units, beside the new Tesco Metro on The Vale.

Opposite the shop on Cowley Road, there are plenty of parking spaces next to the local businesses.
The resident told us: "I have parked there a few times without problem whilst nipping in to Tesco, but on Sunday, I got clamped during, literally, a 3 minute stop.

"I'm sure the clamper was waiting in the shadows and watched me leave my car, although he denies this.
"The unit (Ringback Ltd), was not open at the time so I was not preventing their customers from parking there.

"I'm sure they (and the private clamping firm) are just using this as a cash cow.  If they simply wanted people not to park there, they would have more prominent signs and the clamper would have warned me.
"The release fee was £140 but another guy there was being charged an extra £150 because he had been there half an hour and the clamper had called out a tow truck.
"I'm not sure whether to contact Ealing Trading Standards."

If any readers have any experience or anecdotes, send them to and we can put you in touch with the resident who is considering taking action.


June 3, 2010