Avenue Road: Beware Where You Park

Council tells owner of squashed car trees will be removed

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We reported last week about Pauline Ismay, a resident of Avenue Road, whose car was all but written off by a falling tree.

Pauline was left aghast on Bank Holiday Monday after she had parked close to the tree only minutes beforehand, a few feet away from her front door. She heard a commotion outside and found a scene of devastation outside.

To make matters worse, Pauline and her neighbours had been in touch with Ealing Council to let them know that the trees were dangerous after one fell on her car two years beforehand. After examining the trees in the road, they found that the trees were badly affected by mould which had rendered them unsafe. She warned Ealing Council that the same thing could happen again.

She told us about what had happened on Bank Holiday Monday. “I parked and had just got into my house when I heard a huge commotion outside. I just couldn’t believe my eyes.  This tree could have killed someone, so I guess I was lucky in a way.

This week, we spoke to Pauline again this week. She told us that she had sent photographs and filled in forms which have been sent to Ealing Council. She has also been told that any trees in Avenue Road weakened by the mould will be removed "as a matter of priority".

As we write this, the trees are still standing so residents are advised to be careful where they park, particularly on windy days.

We have asked Ealing Council again for their comments.



May 13, 2010