Fisticuffs and Swearing on Churchfield Road

Parking Tickets lead motorists to lose control

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There were reports yesterday of some rough behaviour on Churchfield Road after a local shopkeeper reported "swearing, things being thrown and some very rough behaviour including people being pushed around quite violently."

This, according to our source, is because one CEO (Civil Enforcement Officer - formerly known as traffic warden) is standing waiting for cars to park in the newly made parking bays.

After standing in wait, he says nothing but once he has seen the motorist go into a shop he slaps a ticket on their windscreen.

Motorists need to type in their registration number and place a ticket in their windscreens, even if they are only stopping for five minutes. If they do not do this, although parking in these bays is free for the first half an hour, they will receive a parking ticket.

We believe the fine for parking in these bays incorrectly is £50.

One resident said: "It seems that these new bays are not working. The system is new and the CEO's should be helping motorists, not fining them. Businesses along Churchfield Road need all the help they can get. It's not easy running a business these days and Ealing Council needs to wake up and recognise that. We have several good new businesses in the area and we want to keep them.

"To stop for 5 minutes to pick up goods from a local shop and be rewarded with a fine when parking is free anyway is just ridiculous. Probably and unfortunately, this system - although it looked good on paper - is just too complicated for people with busy lives."

February 25, 2010