No Fun for Residents in Zone K1

Parking tickets, computer glitches and other problems

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Residents in Zone K1 are currently unable to renew their parking permits online or over the phone because of computer problems at Ealing Council's Parking Department.

Recently, we covered a story brought to our attention by Jane Bryant that some residents in Zone K1 are paying £40 for their permits when the majority only pay £25 per year.

This week, there are a noticeable number of parking tickets scattered on windscreens in Zone K1. This is partly because certain residents have not received reminders from Ealing Council and partly because it is impossible to renew permits for this zone online or over the telephone.

Ealing Council apologised earlier this month for their computer error and said: "We are now in the process of identifying those motorists who have been overcharged and will be refunding them as quickly as possible." to let us have some answers to the following questions arising from this parking confusion."

We asked for answers to the following questions but as yet have had no reply:

- How long it would be before the computer problem preventing residents from renewing permits online was sorted out.

- How long is it going to take before Parking Services have written to all residents who have been overcharged?

- Are wardens going to be issued with lists of registration numbers of residents' cars when they have applied to renew their permits unsuccessfully (through no fault of their own) so that these people do not get PCNs?

- Why have renewal notices not been sent to various residents in Zone K1 to remind them to renew their permits?

- When will a system be in place for personnel in Parking Services to give out instructions to tell residents affected how to renew their permits?

- Is Ealing Council planning any compensation for residents inconvenienced by these parking problems?

We will update this page once we have answers from the Council.

January 21, 2010