Toby's Trixie has gone AWOL

Local writer's pet cat missing for a week

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Toby Young is asking Acton residents to help him find his lost cat Trixie who has been missing in the W3 area since Friday.

Please search any places that Trixie might have got stuck such as garden sheds.

Trixie is an all black cat.

There have been several reported sightings of Trixie since she went missing. Two people reported separate sightings on Tuesday night, one on Shakespeare Road between Milton Road and Cowper Road, the other at the junction of Cumberland Road and Woodhurst Road. There was another sighting in Grove Place, off Grove Road. Toby went out to look for her after these reports and may have spotted her.

Last night (Thursday) a black cat was spotted in the Derwentwater School playground.

If you find her please contact Toby on or call 07946 519253.

The latest in the search for Trixie

January 29, 2010