SHLAP! Residents Demand Tough Action

Against pollution caused by Horn Lane Industrial site

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Local residents are campaigning to have something done about air and noise pollution around Acton Main Line station. The industrial site on Horn Lane regularly records the highest pollution levels in London, in particular for PM10 particulates, small dust particles that can cause serious breathing difficulties. 

Mr & Mrs Russell & family, have lived in Lowfield Rd, very close to Acton Main Line Station, for seven years. They are all too aware of the problems. “It’s been noticeable that the air quality in the area has deteriorated dramatically over recent years,” said Mrs Russell. “If I go out on Horn Lane during the day I can notice the difference it makes to my breathing and also affects my eyes terribly.”

A campaign group, SHLAP (Stop Horn Lane Pollution), has been formed to get action on the problems. Vlod Barchuk, one of the organisers of SHLAP, said a number of problems had come to the fore recently. “As well as air pollution, there have been complaints of noise at all times of the day and night, unauthorised burning of waste, and breaches of planning and licensing rules”. He continued: “we want effective enforcement of the rules. We also want to see Ealing Council use the new Local Development Framework to re-designate this area as suitable for office/residential development and increased green space. This area is a relic of Acton’s industrial history and is hopelessly out of place in the 21st century, especially with Crossrail on the horizon”. 

Angie Bray, MP, gave her support to the campaign. “I am 100 percent in support of this campaign” said Angie. “Residents living around Horn Lane have had their lives and their health blighted for far too long and I congratulate them for getting this organised.  I hope to help by arranging for an early meeting for some of the campaign group with the Environment Agency at the House of Commons so we can get their support too." 

Acton Central Councillors Kate and Dan Crawford have said they will support residents’ efforts to take action.

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October 7, 2010