Horn Lane Pollution Raised in Parliament

Leader of House apologises and urges adjournment debate


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Residents See Red Over Pollution

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Angie Bray raised the problems of pollution in Horn Lane and highlighted the residents campaign in Parliament yesterday.

The issue may now become the subject of an adjournment debate.

The Ealing Central and Acton Conservative MP said:

'' My right hon. Friend will know that Horn lane in Acton is one of the most polluted roads in London, largely, it seems, because a group of industrial units still operate there. Local residents have now set up a campaign to try to deal with the problem, but they have discovered that it is virtually impossible to get anything done because they must prove that an individual unit is responsible. Does my right hon. Friend agree that a debate would help in identifying some new measures that might assist in tackling the problem?

The apologetic response came from the former local MP and resident - now Leader of the House George Young:

''As my hon. Friend may know, I lived in Horn lane when I was the Member of Parlaiment for Ealing, Acton and I apologise to her for not resolving this problem during my 23 years representing that constituency. She raises an important issue that might be an appropriate subject for an Adjournment debate at which one of my colleagues from the Department for Communities and Local Government would be able to respond.


November 5, 2010

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