Acton Pharmaceutical Company Hits Headlines Again

Reprieve UK says lethal drugs sold to Georgia to be used tomorrow

Reprieve UK

Acton pharmaceutical company Dream Pharma has hit the news again today after a lobby group once more exposed the company's sale of legal pharmaceuticals to a US prison to be used for the execution of prisoners.  Reprieve UK released a statement this morning that says the drugs sold by Horn Lane-based Dream Pharma will be used to execute Emanuel Hammond, a prisoner on death row in the US state of Georgia.

In  press release, Reprieve claims that Mehdi Alavi, owner of Dream Pharma 'knew his drugs would be used to kill and expedited prison orders for that reason.'

The claims by Reprieve have focused ethical debate on whether the sale of sodium thiopental and other pharmaceuticals used in execution by UK firms should be legal in this country, which abolished capital punishment in 1969.

Mr. Alavi was unavailable for comment.


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24 January 2011

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