Top Tips For a Crime-Free Festive Season

Be vigilant, be safe say Acton police

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or: 07879 694811

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Burglaries happen in all seasons but to be burgled during the festive season can be devastating.

The Acton Safer Neighbourhoods Team were out last Saturday in Morrison's car park giving advice on crime prevention during the holiday season.

The team were also fitting anti theft screws to car number plates following a rise in number plate thefts in the area. Over 20 cars had number plate screws replaced by the team.

Sergeant Mark Pullen said "We are happy to attend residents homes. If you would like a crime prevention visit please email or call the team on 07879694811."

Here are Sgt. Pullen's Top Tips to prevent home burglaries.

  • Keep gifts, cash & valuables safe & well hidden so they can’t be seen or reached by thieves
  • Lock doors & windows before you go out, removing keys from locks & keep them out of reach
  • Leave a light on in a room & draw curtains when you go out at night
  • Postcode your valuables with a UV pen, consider registering them on
  • Cancel newspapers, milk etc when you go on holiday
  • Look out for your neighbours property
  • Make sure callers to your home are genuine, always ask for ID

December 7, 2010