Police Target Loutish Behaviour in South Acton

Residents say random night patrols have made a difference

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Grateful South Acton residents have thanked local police for bringing back peace and quiet to their area.

Officers from Southfield Safer Neighbourhood Team were praised for their new strategy for dealing with anti-social behaviour and car crime in the Wilkinson Way, Vale Gardens Estate and Beardsley Way area.

The new order has been achieved thanks to random night patrols aimed at targeting loutish behaviour in local alleyways and car parks.

A local resident, Brian Sayles said: “The difference is amazing! People feel more confident and secure and have commented on seeing the police cars driving on patrol late at night at random times. A brilliant strategy that has made a real difference!”

It is evident from comments by local residents that “Several people have noticed police patrols tackling the youths that were sitting in their cars playing loud music and behaving in a generally anti social manner, often carrying on with their behaviour until the early hours of the morning. Since the police intervention the group have so far not returned and residents are very grateful for the work done by our local police team and wish to express their thanks to them.”

PS Helene Holloway of Southfield Safer Neighbourhoods Team said: “It is very reassuring that the results of our work are being noticed by the local residents. Their kind comments give us even more strength and determination to continue to work towards making our local area even safer and address the problem of anti social behaviour whenever it occurs.”


March 17, 2010