Police Warning: "Who's Watching Your Car?"

After driver has unpleasant surprise in Park Royal

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If you have any information about crime in your area contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Teams or call police on 0300 123 1212. In an emergency always dial 999.

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Police in Ealing would like to advise car owners and users of a few simple steps, which could protect their vehicles and reduce the impact of car crime on the local community.  

In a recent incident, the driver of a pick-up truck had a very unpleasant surprise when he returned to his unattended vehicle only to find that his industrial road drill had been stolen from the back of his truck.

The incident happened on September 1st between 1:30pm and 1:35pm on Park Royal Road. The cost of the stolen tool is estimated at £1,200.  

Chief Inspector Des Rock from Ealing Borough Police said: ”Criminals are prepared to take every opportunity to ply their trade, leaving us with financial losses and ruining our well being.

"One of the easiest ways of avoiding becoming a victim of a car crime is simply removing all the items from being left on view. Also, it is worth leaving your glove compartment opened and empty, as this may reduce the temptation to strike by any would-be thief.

"Removing any Sat Nav cradles will also reduce the risk of your car being broken into. Locking your laptop, portable audio system or any other valuable object in a boot of your car is never a good idea. Criminals are well aware of people’s habits and often are watching us leaving our vehicles when we least expect”. 

Please remember that often the cost of the damage caused be a thief may be higher that the value of the items stolen. Another important thing to remember is the fact that leaving your vehicle unlocked whilst unattended may invalidate you insurance coverage. 

Remember that next to buying a home, your vehicle may be the single most expensive item you ever purchase. Don’t leave it to chance, enhance you vehicle security. Cut the crime, cut the time, cut the cost.  










September 4, 2009