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East Acton Safer Neighbourhoods Team give advice on crime prevention

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Acton residents will be at the heart of series of crime prevention initiatives led by East Acton Safer Neighbourhoods Team, aimed at reducing crime and anti-social behaviour.

Held on Tuesday, 11th and Wednesday, 12th of August, the initiative is aimed to provide the residents with the latest crime prevention advice together with general information about police activities in their area.

On 11th of August, East Acton SNT will set up two crime prevention stalls - one outside B&Q and one outside North Acton tube station. The officers will be giving out advice and information about motor vehicle crime, burglary, personal safety and anti-social behaviour. Officers will be urging the residents to secure their homes to prevent any possibilities of falling victim to opportunistic burglars by fitting a good quality alarms, locking all doors and windows as well as being vigilant.

On 12th of August, two further stalls will be deployed - one on Old Common Lane and another one on The Vale near the junction with Bromyard Avenue.

Security upgrade packs will also be giving out to the most vulnerable residents. The officers will also promote joining Neighbourhood Watch initiative as another way of preventing in the area. Vehicle owners will be able to have their cars fitted with special tamper proof number plate screws.

Two Community Payback teams will be on hand to remove graffiti and clear out the area around some of the local alleyways.


August 7, 2009