Blitz on Crime and Grime in Acton

Task force hit the streets June 14/15



Message from Acton Central Safer Neighbourhood Team

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Man in serious condition after Shalimar Gardens stabbing

Police Seize Cannabis Factory Seized on Noel Road

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A 200-strong task force hit the streets of Acton on 14-15 June 2007 as part of an initiative to make the area crime and grime free. The two days of action led by Ealing Council and the Metropolitan Police involved representatives from 45 partner organisations.

As part of a concentrated blitz on anti-social behaviour 28 arrests including six for drug crimes and 12 immigration offences were made. Sixteen untaxed or uninsured cars were seized as part of a major crackdown on vehicle offences. A further 40 cars were stopped as part of a major undercover police operation that checked 5,000 car number plates over the two days.

As part of crime prevention work, 500 Acton school children were given anti-knife crime lessons. In addition, more than 1,400 free tamper proof tax disc holders were provided for cars and 100 personal alarms were given to residents.

As part of the Council's bid to clean up the borough 400 square meters of graffiti was removed along with five tonnes of fly-tipped rubbish.

Paul Harrison, Head of Community Safety, said: "This successful event is the biggest multi-agency operation of its kind to be carried out in the borough. By combining our resources in this way we can tackle a range of anti-social behaviour in a coordinated way, improving community safety and cleaning up our streets."

Inspector Colin Wingrove, Ealing Borough Police said: ""The activities undertaken in Acton last week are typical of the work the Safer Ealing Partnership (SEP) carries out throughout the year across the borough to help reduce anti-social behaviour and help improve our communities for residents and visitors alike.

“The initiative highlighted what can be achieved when strategic partners coordinate their resources effectively to tackle issues such as graffiti, fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, anti-social behaviour and the fear of crime. The vision of the SEP is that Ealing Borough should be a place where people from all backgrounds and walks of life choose to live and work, where parents choose to bring up their families, less crime and where everyone can feel safe and protected.

"Taking part in a variety of different initiatives such as these partnership action days will help us achieve our vision."

Partnership taskforce days are staged regularly across the borough and support the Council's priorities of cleaner streets and safer communities. The Council's third priority is providing value for money services.

Other action included:

250 residents' number plates were secured using anti-theft screws

191 stop and stop and accounts were carried out

35 London Fire Brigade and food safety visits to local businesses

18 visits to licensed premises

4 cannabis detections

3 penalty notices issued for disorder offences.

June 20, 2007