Gavel Falls on Acton Magistrates' Court

No date set for closure but 104-year old building 'not fit for purpose'


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Acton Magistrates' Court will close as part of a judicial shake-up designed to save millions of pounds, the Ministry of Justice announced yesterday.

Acton, along with nearby Brentford and Harrow Courts, is one of 142 Courts nationwide to be closed, after a five-month consultation process. Cases will now be heard at other courts, including Ealing and Feltham.

It is estimated the Government will save around £41.5 million a year in running and maintenance costs, and realise £38.5 million in asset sales.

The future of the building is uncertain. It is owned by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government and is currently not included in the plans for redevelopment of Acton Town Centre.


December 16 2010