Ealing Council Intervenes with Problem Squatters

Serving a notice on Tote Bookmakers on Churchfield Road

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After we reported earlier this week (see link in box, right) that squatters above the Tote Bookmaker's shop on Churchfield Road had rendered the alleyway running behind a parade of shops a no-go area by using it as a toilet, things have taken a more fragrant turn after the intervention of Ealing Council.

Arun Taank, initially informed us about the problem and he is now happy that the flat above the bookmaker's shop appears to have been made secure against intruders. He is also happy to have received visits and calls from Ealing Council. Their intervention appears to have brought about a quick reaction from Tote.

Their spokesman told us: "Officers went to the site yesterday and served a notice on the company [Tote] requiring them to secure the building.

"I've now had an update to say that as soon as we took action the company secured the building and it has also promised to clear up the mess."

March 12, 2010