Tenant Evicted after Months of Misery for Neighbours

A2Dominion obtained court order after reports of bad behaviour

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A 65-year-old man has been evicted from his home after making his neighbours’ lives a misery.

A2Dominion, a not-for-profit housing provider, obtained a court order instructing the tenant to leave after receiving numerous reports of anti-social behaviour.

Complaints about the tenant, who lived at an A2Dominion flat in Ramsay Road, Acton, included threatening behaviour, noise nuisance and alleged drug-related issues.

Brentford County Court issued a court order earlier this month, enabling the eviction to take place on February 25, 2010.

A2Dominion has worked with local agencies, including local police, to tackle the anti-social behaviour.

Dawn Wightman, A2Dominion’s Area Director (London), said: “A2Dominion is committed to ensuring that our homes, neighbourhoods and estates are safe and peaceful places to live. When incidents of anti-social behaviour occur we do not hesitate to take action.

“In this case, neighbours of the tenant involved endured months of anti-social behaviour, which made their lives a misery.

“We worked very closely with the tenant, residents and local agencies to try to resolve the problems as quickly as possible. It was regrettable that in the end we had no other option but to resort to eviction.”

The eviction means that A2Dominion has now regained legal possession of the home. A2Dominion’s Neighbourhood and Lettings teams will work together to ensure it is re-let to a suitable new tenant.



March 2, 2010