Disappearing Grit, Snow Injuries, Recycling Problems and more

Cllr John Gallagher's news from South Acton

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Dear Residents,

Happy New Year to you all. I have survived half a week without water and have forwarded several reports of falls and injuries happening to residents but several have just turned into debates between the council and Ealing Homes about whose fault it is. I have just sent an email to Cllrs Emment and Brookes, the cabinet members for Environment and Housing respectively, asking them to grit the areas around sheltered accommodation belonging to Ealing Homes and Highways because of the accidents reported to me around Harleyford Manor. I have also asked them about the rumour that Ealing sold some of its stock of grit to Hammersmith & Fulham before the snow because I have a feeling someone actually confirmed it to me but I cannot remember the details.

I have cancelled the Oaktree surgery tonight because of the dangerous conditions. I am about to check if our bins have been emptied where I live because they had not been for over a week. What is refuse collection like elsewhere?

The next South Acton Ward Forum will be on Wednesday, 10th March at Acton High School at 7pm.

The main items raised at the last one on 5th January were that Marble Close is still awaiting yellow lines, Gunnersbury Park still has a financial shortfall, British Transport police have promised to liaise with South Acton Safer Neighbourhood Team about South Acton Station and Acton Lane railway bridge, the Safer Neighbourhood Team reported burglaries and car thefts have increased and advised free advice on home security is available from the police, information on Stop-and-Shop bays will be given to businesses at the Gunnersbury Avenue end of Uxbridge Road, Yvonne and residents reported favourably on the Acton Town Hall regeneration workshops but residents want more information on how the £12 million allocated on it will be spent and how Section 106 money is being used, councillors agreed to hold a separate meeting with residents and officers about Twyford Sports Ground, after the leader agreed to spend our money on a crossing at Tesco's in Uxbridge Road we still have £12 thousand left but, although councillors were willing to spend £4 thousand on extra grit for the ward, Tory Councillor Nigel Sumner advised there is no more the borough can spare.

For residents near the Redback, Chatsworth, Red Lion & Pineapple and Mill Hill Tavern, the Police Safer Neighbourhood Team and the licensees invite you to a meeting in the Mill Hill Pub at 7:30pm on Tuesday, 19th January to discuss anti-social behaviour. I would liked to have attended as secretary of Acton Pubwatch but it is WLTUC AGM that evening so I will have to attend that as secretary.

We have had the biggest fare rise in London Transport history under Boris Johnson. I am surprised it has not been included in the OFT investigation of fares outside London.

Our Conservative council is supposed to have introduced recycling for flats nearly two months ago but nothing has happened where I live.

I have been trying to sort out a gas leak in Bollo Bridge Road.

I am sure you all share my sense of outrage at the recent unsuccessful arson attempt at Acton Mosque. The building had been a special feature in the latest edition of Acton Historian and it is on the site of the old Church of England school opposite our Lady of Lourdes. The opening was attended by the Roman Catholic and Anglican clergy together with our Labour Parliamentary candidate Cllr Bassam Mahfouz, Dr Abdullah Gulaid, Cllr Julian Bell,Leader of Ealing Council Labour Group and me, which makes it an insult to both faiths.

I have had two emails from consultants about proposals for Uxbridge Road and Gunnersbury Lane-Steyne Road-Horn Lane.

John Gallagher
South Acton Ward

January 13, 2010