South Acton Ward Forum Christmas Message

From Cllr John Gallagher

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Residents,

The next meeting of South Acton Ward Forum will be on Tuesday, 5th January, at 7pm at Acton High School. I have asked for a report on Twyford Sports Ground as an item.

The money for the crossing on the Uxbridge Road by Tesco's has been approved and I hope work will begin soon.

The Christmas lights are up in Acton High Street, leaving out the east end yet again.

It is likely the council tax may be cut next year, which is all right for most people, but spare a thought for pensioners on benefit, because this year's cut cost them £5 in lost council tax benefit. While we are thinking about that, I received my £50 bribe a fortnight ago.

Within an hour of finding it was in my bank account, I had transferred it to the Labour Party. Many residents have told me they don't want the money but I do not expect them to donate it to the party. However, think of Age Concern:it would take care of ten pensioners' increases next year. There is also Gunnersbury Park, the Friends of Acton Baths or your own residents' association, church or mosque or your child's or grandchild's school, all of whom, I am sure, will be grateful. .

Shanley Homes have bought Magnolia Court. They are applying to turn a formerly much needed old folks' home into yet another block of flats. (Whoops, that's just disqualified me from sitting on the application if it comes before the Planning Committee.)

I hope there will be a Labour Party street stall outside Lloyd's this Saturday. Saturday will also see Acton Christmas Fair outside Morrison's 11am to 5pm and a coffee morning for the Army Benevolent Fund at Michael Flanders Centre 10:30am to noon.

Which Conservative councillor went to football while the Rosemont Road industrial estate planning application was being debated and Churchfield Community Association was having their AGM?

The "independent" government inspector has overturned the council's refusal to allow the vandalistic redevelopment of Acton tram depot.

Meanwhile, the saga of the "Meanwhile Works" rumbles on in South Acton estate. The council has offered £1.4 million for work to begin around election time. I have told Ealing Homes £40 million and a start asap are the only realistic proposals.

This has been done entirely by me in a hurry because I have to do the surgery tonight.

John Gallagher
South Acton Ward

December 18, 2009