Acton Scrubbed up in Community Clean-up

Police and Council joint effort for Partnership Day



Rubbish removed from Churchfield Road

Rubbish removed from Churchfield Road

Milton Road alleyway after cleaning by Council

Milton Road alleyway as you've never seen it before

Police Horses Acton High Street

Action shot of Police horses joining Community clean-up

All is not Lost for Milton Road Paradise

Planners to Make Crucial Decision on Churchfield Road

Bins in Ealing leave Acton residents green with envy

Dispersal Order issued for Acton Park

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If you would like to complain to Ealing Council, contact their customer call centre on 020 8825 6000.

A large number of Council workers and Police joined ranks last Friday in an enormous community effort to clean up Acton.  

Environmental Health wardens, Food Safety Officers, Parking Services, Graffiti clearing staff, DVLA, Envirocrime, Parks and Countryside workers, Crime Prevention Officers, and Police officers - in uniform and plain clothes - were all out in force in Acton on Friday in an effort to clean streets, eliminate crime, catch motorists breaking the law, help those who might be sleeping rough and generally make Acton a better place.  

These photographs show some of the action.   One particular eyesore, the alleyway in Milton Road behind the Churchfield Road shops, was thoroughly cleaned and there are plans to gate the area to stop further fly-tipping. However, inhabitants who have lived with the unsightly and unhygienic mess for years are doubtful whether the gate will solve the problem as much of the rubbish is allegedly left there by inhabitants of flats who have access to the alleyway.  

The outside areas belonging to one house in Goldsmith Avenue which has become notorious for huge amounts of mess and rubbish was completely cleaned. As I passed this house later in the day, one of the occupants was continuing the good work and sweeping out his front garden.

Perhaps more residents will have been encouraged by the Community clean-up day to keep their properties tidy  

It seems that Ealing Council and the local Police are showing determination to clean up trouble spots and solve some long-standing problems. Acton's residents were largely unaware that the clean-up day was in progress, but the removal of rubbish was noticed and appreciated by quite a few.  

There were numbers of Police officers stopping and searching. Officers taking part in the partnership day said it was an "outstanding success". They made four arrests and gathered useful information during the operation. There was also an ANPR (number plate reader) operating around Acton which caught several drivers without insurance or driving licenses.

February 5, 2007