It's Census Time In Acton - Be Vigilant About Home Callers

Police say always ask for i.d. from unannounced visitors

Census Badge 2011
Copy of Official Census Card

Census 2011

South Acton Safer Neighbourhood Team

The Acton Central Safer Neighbourhood Team are remindingresidents to be vigilant about unannounced callers at homes, and ask to see identification from Census Interviewers.

Today is the official census day, but the Census operation began on March 21st.   This involves collectors visiting person/s at home who have not submitted Census forms.

Sgt Mark Pullen writes, "There will be a minimal number of staff on the streets until 06/04/2011. From this date around 100 collectors will be out and about.

All will carry photo ID located on a purple lanyard and all are CRB vetted.

Visits to the door will be unannounced and Census staff will not be asking to enter homes.

Assistance to complete the forms (elderly, disabled etc) will be made by prior appointment only.

 Police are asking the community to be vigilant and request ID if visited.

 This goes for all unknown visitors. If you are in any doubt refuse entry and if suspicious call the Police."



27 March 2011

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