Poets Corner Actresses Dominate Small Screen

Emilia Fox and Anna Chancellor both in Silent Witness

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Emilia Fox, who lives in Poets Corner, has been appearing regularly on Thursday and Friday nights on BBC1 as Dr Nikki Alexander, a forensic pathologist whose relationship with her colleague Dr Harry Cunningham has kept us all guessing 'will they, won't they?'

The ethereally beautiful Ms Fox slicing open cadavers and emptying out stomach contents is one of the things which makes this series so compelling.

Last night, another local actress appeared alongside her in an episode which took the very watchable suspense-drama to new levels of tension. Anna Chancellor, who also lives in Poets Corner, was playing Chief Superintendant Karen Sommerville who took charge of a terrifying situation involving university students and guns.

One local 16-year-old said last night's episode was "the scariest thing I've ever seen on TV."

Don't miss tonight's episode. If you didn't see last night's, and are feeling up to an hour on the sofa with a racing pulse, click here.

January 29, 2010

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