Lady Gaga Eats Fish and Chips in Acton

Star goes straight from X Factor stage to Castle Pub

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Regulars at the Castle Pub in North Acton had a surprise last night. Lady Gaga, fresh from an attention-grabbing performance on the X Factor in an outfit which looked like Cat Woman had collided with Canary Wharf, arrived accompanied by minders.

On the This is London website, Russ C commented: "I was actually one of the people who served her in the pub and was heartened that she was in fact a very friendly, undemanding and gracious young lady. Even though she was "off the clock" Lady G was also more than happy to sign autographs and have her photo taken with customers and staff."

In her outlandish outfit, a white capsleeved fitted jacket, matching knickers and black fishnet tights, and sunglasses, Lady Gaga rather stood out from the regulars. According to reports, her tipple of choice was a pint.

Lady Gaga's outfit on last night's X Factor Looked like Cat Woman had collided with Canary Wharf.

Onlookers said she was there to pick up fish and chips from the pub, which is part of the Fuller's brewery chain.

But for once Lady Gaga seemed almost shy and covered her face as she left The Castle. Bemused drinkers watched in amazement as she breezed in and out.

Her visit came after a bizarre performance on The X Factor results show where she asked for a giant bathroom to be built onstage.

The production team duly complied - with one condition. The singer was not allowed to centre her performance around the toilet.

It was an understandable concern, given that at the last major performance by the eccentric U.S. star - at the MTV Awards in New York in September - she had hung from the ceiling covered in fake blood after pretending to stab herself while performing her hit Paparazzi.

Lady Gaga told Lynn Barber in an interview with the Times about her latest show: "My evolution is from the beginning of time, so I start as a cell, and then I become a vertebrate, and then I become a full animal, and there’s the birth of the economy, and trade and war, and then it’s the Apocalypse.”

The star is adept at grabbing the headlines - she is reported to possess 20 wigs, one for every mood. There are also rumours flying around that she is a hermaphrodite.



December 7, 2009

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