Berrico to Leave Churchfield Road after 45 Years

Parking "and other hassles" responsible for company merger

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Berrico Ltd, the printing company which has been located on Churchfield Road, is to re-locate its business to Feltham after operating out of a large Acton property for since the 1970's. We contacted them to try to find out what was happening to 57-63 Churchfield Road after hearing rumours that it was to be inhabited by a major supermarket chain.

However, very little is known about what will happen to the building. What became clear, though, after talking for a few minutes to John Storey, who currently runs the family business, was that parking issues are partly to blame for the relocation of this long-standing occupant of a Churchfield Road site.

Mr Storey told us Berrico was started in 1965 by his brother-in-law. It was sold to a large printing group in the 1980's and then bought back 12 years ago.

He said: "It made sense to merge with another company although we will still be operating as Berrico."

The company prints a large range of goods including all sorts of stationary, business cards, brochures and includes Vodaphone and the FT amongst its clients.

"Our first big contract," he told us, "was for the World Cup in 1966. We made souvenirs and at one time had a warehouse full of 'World Cup Willie' badges. In our heyday we employed 21 staff, but over the years there have been many redundancies."

"We have no option in the current business climate other than to merge with P&P. We really are fighting a losing battle here. Business rates are sky high. Then there is the nightmare of parking in the area. Over the years, this has become more and more of a problem and a huge expense.

"We have to pay £3,000 a year to park outside our own business. And Ealing Council is reluctant to sell us permits, even at that price. Every year we have the same argument with them. They even told us at one point that we should use public transport which was a totally unrealistic proposition on many levels.

"We literally have to fight tooth and nail to renew our permits every time, and are made to justify each permit and the reasons we can't manage without it. It is these trivial things which get in the way when you are struggling to run your daily business life. Really, it seems to us that all Ealing Council want to do is to make money out of everything."

Mr Storey is obviously sad to be leaving Churchfield Road, especially at a time when, as he says, "it looks as though it is on the up. It will be a wrench for us not to be here any more."

The business will be moving out of their premises at the end of March.

We contacted the agent handling the sale who asked not to be named. He and who said all the rumours about supermarket chains were false.

February 25, 2010