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Teenager Lucy Kell tells us what she likes about W3



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Lucy Kell is 18 and lives with her family on Avenue Road. She finished A levels at Twyford High School last summer and is on a gap year before she goes to study English Literature at Bristol University in September.
She shares her views on Acton:

I’ve lived in Acton for 15 years (I spent the first three years of my life in Chiswick) and know the area very well - particularly its less conspicuous haunts that are well-nigh unknown to those who are not locals. Most people who don’t live in Acton only know of the High Street, but Acton is like a Chinese box, comprised of many areas differing in character; Churchfield Road introduces the trendy Poet’s Corner, while the leafy expanse of Twyford Avenue leads to the traditional Tudor style houses of West Acton. I’ve always admired how architecturally diverse Acton is.

Living in the centre of Acton, I’ve watched the development of the Town Hall area over the years. It's hard to believe that the glossy, new Everyone Active Acton Centre used to be the old Acton Swimming Baths where I learnt to swim as a child.

In contrast to the general assumption that young people are uninterested and uninvolved with issues surrounding their neighbourhood, my friends and I are strongly supportive of local developments, such as the Arts Centre Acton proposal and the continued improvement of the high street façade. The plan to use the historic library building as a space devoted to theatre, film and music is one that we welcome and I hope the proposal wins the bid.

However, I also have concerns about the regeneration of the Acton Oaks shopping centre. The possibility of hindered access between the High Street and Churchfield Road would be detrimental to the progress that Churchfield Road has made in recent years – its host of quirky, independent shops and charming café’s would greatly suffer with less passers-by.

Many of my friends live around Poet's Corner and it is our favourite local place to hang out, whether meeting for hot chocolate and macaroon cookies at Laveli Bakery or walking our dogs in Acton Park. When it comes to food, Acton excels with dining venues such as The Rocket, Taj, Pinto, L’Oriental and North China Restaurant. The cultural diversity of W3 has made delicious foreign cuisine very easy to come by.

When living away from home next year I’ll miss Acton – its unique mix of people, scenery and traditional meets edgy vibe is hard to find anywhere else.


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7th May 2014