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Objectives & Update September – November 2014


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Additional police patrols were conducted around the Acton Mainline area of Horn Lane. The patrols did not turn up any significant areas of concern.

More in depth analysis has been undertaken by the SNT around ABH and GBH statistics. Largely these showed domestic incidents and alcohol related fighting as the main drivers.

Efforts are still ongoing to recruit some younger (student aged) local people onto the panel, in order to better represent the local community.

It is hoped this more summarized update format will prove effective and well received.

REVIEW OF RECENT PERIOD (June – August 2014)  

Congratulations to PC’s Simon Cole and Jamie Forrester from the Acton Central SNT for assisting with the safe delivery of a baby in Morrisons car park on July 1 st.

A prolific drug dealer was arrested via warrant within the ward. This further underlines the commitment of the SNT to stamp out drug related crime within the ward.

A car thief was caught in the act by officers on the ward, and subsequently charged with multiple offences.

Following concerns by some local residents, the area around Springfield Park was given additional focus by the SNT, and over a 4 day review 6 people were ejected.


We have a commitment from the SNT team to monitor, where possible, lorries crossing the bridge at Horn Lane where they may be over the maximum allowed capacity to use the bridge. The SNT will also look to review that signage is sufficient in the area, around weight limits for vehicles.

Dispersal of street drinking on the Mount and around Morrisons has proved to be very successful. The SNT will now monitor if this has resulted in rises of such incidents in other areas of the ward.

The SNT are arranging a visual audit with councillors and representatives from Angie Bray’s department, to show them first hand, areas within the ward where more focus and attention on improvements should be made (i.e. areas where fly tipping is prevalent).


Feedback has shown that not all residents are aware of when to report issues to the SNT. Our message to you is that if you see something you feel uncomfortable about (i.e. people drunk in groups creating too much noise or any incident you feel does’t warrant a call to 999, then please report it to 101. We can’t ensure a police response to every call to 101, however they will all be logged, and this helps in building up a picture for us around areas of concern.

Acton Central Safer Neighbourhoods Team
Telephone: 020 8721 2921
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We look forward to providing you with further updates in the near future,

Acton Central Ward Panel

August 13, 2014

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