Acton Lane Footpath - 'An Accident Waiting To Happen'

Committee of parents calling on council top take urgent action


Acton Lane Footpath - 'An Accident Waiting To Happen'

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Local residents are calling on the council to change the layout of a dangerous footpath near the Acton Lane underpass before a serious accident happens.

Strong concern has been raised by many locals for the safety of children and other pedestrians walking through the underpass which has seen an increased usage since the opening of ARK Priory academy.

They say the wall sticks out across the footpath and the angle of the footpath directs pedestrians and children on scooters into the path of traffic in an incredibly ‘awkward’ section of road.

They believe it could lead to a serious injury or a fatality – this is based on numerous sightings of vehicles mounting the curb, often through hasty last-minute manoeuvres, to avoid oncoming traffic.

In this incident - caught on camera the bus can be seen almost mounting the pavement.

A committee has now been voluntarily formed, consisting of 4 members (fathers of children attending Ark Priory Academy). The committee want action that will result in a safer underpass.

They that works carried out in March 2015, to add new railing and repave the tunnel and entrance to private gates, have made a bad situation worse.

They point to two new risk factors. Firstly, the new railing now leads children on scooters and bicycles directly into the path of heavy traffic and secondly the removal of the curb after the railing, to the private entrance, means children are now less likely to automatically stop at the white wall. The committee are now in active dialogue with various stakeholders including Ealing Council and ward councillors. They plan to submit a petition of 350+ names stating: ''We call on the council to remove the wall and re-orientate the pedestrian journey in this entire section of pavement.''

An Ealing Council spokesperson said, "We have completed some improvement work at this location, including new lighting in footpath under the bridge, repaving the underpass and the nearby crossover. Unfortunately, the protruding wall is privately owned and when we contacted the land owner they did not want to work with us to make changes to the structure. We are currently reviewing if we would be able to go through a legal process in order to remove the wall."

23rd December 2015


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