Residents Anger Over 'Tented' Village Disruption

They say religious gathering has caused major problems







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Residents of the Westcott Park Estate in W3 are furious after they say a religious 'gathering' wreaked havoc near their homes.

They say they hadn't been informed about the Islamic convention - known as Majlis - and were horrified when huge marquees were put up last week on Friary Road - a strip of private land bordering their homes close to the A40.

Monica Flavill, Director of the Westcott Park No 5 Residents Company, says for over a week locals have been subjected to excessive traffic, noise late into the night and serious parking problems:

'' I am 74 and holder of a blue badge, if I or anyone else had needed an ambulance today or during this event, the time it would have taken to get through could have made the difference between life or death.''

She contacted the police, Ealing Council and has written to Ealing Central Acton MP, Angie Bray:

'' Imagine your private property being trespassed upon, a peaceful evening in your own home ruined by someone wailing over a loudspeaker outside your window, you call the police they say it's a problem for the Council, you call their out of hours number again no help, bedtime arrives, you cannot get to sleep because the wailing continues on past 00.30 a.m. followed by vast numbers of people leaving the event jabbering away with their 'goodnights', calling their children together, car doors slamming and speeding off of your property.   You would be, as our residents have been, too angry to sleep, as no one cares, and then having to go off to work later that morning totally exhausted.  How would you feel after seven days of it! I guarantee you would be angry too.'' 

Ms Bray has replied:

'' It seems like this whole event has placed a great strain on your neighbourhood - I can see why you are so angry and frustrated.''

She has been in touch with the Council Chief Executive and the Borough Police Commander to find out what can be done.

The event has now finished but residents are seeking compensation for their disturbance and are keen to make sure it doesn't happen again.

We have contacted the Council and the letting company who leased out the land and are awaiting replies.



21st November 2013