South Acton Councillors' December Report

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Second Wednesday of the month at The Oaktree Centre Osborne Road opposite Berrymede Infants' School 6:30-7:30pm.

There is a councillor available at Ruskin Hall, Church Road, W3, from 11am to Midday every Saturday.



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Dear Residents,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you, your families and neighbours. I hope 2014 will be an improvement.

The Leader of the Council, Julian Bell, announced at the council meeting on Tuesday night that the Council tax will remain frozen for 2014/5 as it has been since 2009. Only Yvonne managed to speak out of the three of us; the agenda was packed and the meeting did not conclude until 10:15pm.

South Acton Police have issued a warning about the locksmith adverts which have appeared all over the place and have been reported in the Evening Standard and The Gazette but I was told by a senior officer that the police contacted the number and it turned out to be genuine.

I was ill last week so I missed the Christmas Market on Saturday. I was told it went well and the weather wasn't too bad.

Congratulations to Acton Gardens Board on successful AGM and thank you to everyone involved in South Acton redevelopment but especially resident members of the board and Jehan Weerasinghe, L&Q's community manager who has been posted to another project, for everything he did while he was here.

Acton councillors met Inspector Graham Durn, from the local police, and the local ASB and Nuisance teams a few weeks ago. South Acton has had several arrests and ASBOs, but still has the lowest reported crime rate in Ealing. We have asked them to keep Mill Hill Park under surveillance, passed on complaints about four shisha bars and asked for CCTV in Petersfield Road.

Two of my jobs on the council are chair of Pocklington Apprenticeship Trust and vice-chair of Acton (Middlesex) Charities. Pocklington makes small one-off grants to people under twenty-five who have lived in Ealing or Hammersmith & Fulham for more than five years for training expenses. Acton Charities makes larger occasionally renewable grants to people who have lived in the old parish of Acton for more than five years for educational purposes or need and can also make smaller grants from a fund provided by the Goldsmiths' Company for people who have lived here for less than five years. Contact me for details.

Stonewall Housing who are now providing advice for lgbt residents on housing problems in conjunction with ECVS at the Lido Centre, 63, Mattock Lane, W13 9LA on the first Friday of the month from 2 to 3:30pm.

South Acton Ward has been awarded £90 thousand for Twyford Crescent Garden. I have passed the information on to CARA.

The council is providing free Christmas parking at weekends in council car parks to stimulate local shopping.

This is my cross consumer column. I bought an overcoat from M&S in 2011 for £100 to replace one on which the zip had jammed. At the end of last year the zip on that one went and there was no refund or repair from M&S so I spent more money on a repair in a local shop. I bought another coat from M&S for £100 while it was being repaired because it was so cold and now the zip has broken on that. It seems zips have a life span of a year no matter what you pay for the coats! If you are one of the many residents having a problem with BT they have given me two numbers for enquiries: telephone 0800 800 151, broadband 0800 111 4567. The 266 continues to function when it feels like it!

From your South Acton Labour Councillors:

John Gallagher 020 8993 0017

Yvonne Johnson 020 8993 4166

Mik Sabiers 020 8992 5014


18th December 2013