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It’s a fantastic experience, standing as Conservative Candidates in the Ealing Council elections on 22 May 2014 (South Acton ward). We’re three people from completely different backgrounds but we feel exactly the same way about improving life in our community. And we love Acton - it’s like having the whole world within 300 yards of your front door!

As Conservatives, we care about people and what they need locally. Have you started to give up on roads, feeling that potholes were just normal? That’s certainly been true these last four years. The Labour Council has spent under £1m on Acton’s roads; a Conservative Council will spend an extra £10M on improving roads and pavement across the Borough.

The same with drinking in public places. We all got used to seeing empty half-bottles of vodka and crushed beer cans left in green spaces. Conservatives are not afraid to tackle this culture. We’re sympathetic to alcohol addiction but we don’t tally along with the idea that people have to drink in the street because they have nowhere else to go. We’ll really crack down on sale of alcohol to people who are already drunk or underage.

Those parking charges that keep creeping up? They’ll stay flat for the life of a Conservative-controlled Council. Elderly people and residents who live in all day Controlled Parking Zones have to pay £4.50 per day for visitors. We’ll slash that charge to £2.50 per day. A Conservative Council will also keep Council Tax just where it is for four years, guaranteed. Labour now openly admit they will put it up after one year.

Do you remember that period between 2006 and 2010 when Ealing had a Conservative Council and rubbish and recycling were collected punctually with the streets left tidy afterwards? How it all changed in the last four years? During the Christmas and New Year period 2013-2014 it was chaos in South Acton, with toxic stacks of rubbish in the street. We’re going to completely rethink the collection contract. A Conservative Council will take garden waste away free of charge - right now you pay £40 for this service - to help residents and to encourage recycling.

There’s much more to do. A high-handed Council has imposed the Oaks development on an Acton community that just doesn’t want it. Planning is discussed behind closed doors, and there is very lax control, borough-wide, of changes in the skyline and of property usage. A Conservative Council in Ealing will focus on planning enforcement.

Drugs are still being sold on the South Acton Estate - Labour Councillors say they’ve adopted a zero-tolerance approach to this but their actions have not met their words and they are understandably worried about their vote holding up in this area. There have been improvements recently because the police are doing an amazing job - they need us all to help by reporting crime.

There are places in Acton where vermin i.e. rats, not only foxes, run free - yes, they do, just visit Denehurst Gardens when the rubbish goes out or check the alleys behind the shops on the corner of Old Oak Common Lane and the A40. There are many areas where council housing is woefully under maintained and where people are very uncertain indeed about what the future holds. It’s simply not all right, and you can be assured that Conservatives will never look away or offer excuses for inaction.

Conservatives serve everybody, because we live in one place-interdependently. And we know what to do, too. Vote Conservative on 22 May. Vote for us.


Originally from Ireland, Amanda Cadogan has lived in Acton for over 23 years. Before having children she was a legal secretary and court clerk. She is a proud single parent of 3 children of mixed heritage. A community activist for many years she also worked as a volunteer for the Well London Project on the South Acton Estate. Amanda is the founder and project manager of The Hope Centre at Acton Baptist Church. She is passionate about tackling crime and anti-social behavior, particularly street drinking, and helping vulnerable adults. Contact Amanda by email or 07758 107937.


I was born, brought up and educated in the Borough with a childhood full of happy memories. My role model has been my mother and with the help of a very supportive family who have lived in the borough for over 30 years, l am proud to be the youngest but very committed candidate for South Acton where l chose to stand on May 22nd. l was deputy head girl at my school and community and diversity officer of the 6th form students union, and have raised funds for several charity events for good causes with various organisations. Now a university student I am actively involved in South Acton and particularly concerned with street drinking, the local environment, helping the elderly, regeneration, crime and quality of life. I helped set up and volunteer with the Children's Hope foundation retail outlet, help at Acton Homeless concern, (Emmaus House) something l have thoroughly enjoyed and look forward to going every time. I will be running a workshop at Hayashen Centre Youth Club encouraging young people to fully participate in community , offer voluntary service and be ambitious. I am interested in engaging with other youth groups and their incentives, having seen first-hand the value of community action and cultural heritage. Contact Sara by email or 07404 936679


Is a professional musician, conductor, pianist and composer. He has lived with his family in South Acton ward since 1998. He is particularly interested in music education and in making music accessible to all. Julian is a keen cyclist and walker who loves the greenery and tranquillity of Acton and Ealing. Julian is interested in regeneration and planning and sees the further development of commerce in Acton and the opportunities it will bring as being crucial for young people and the disadvantaged. Contact Julian by email or 07802 221393

Vote Conservative on the 22nd May. Vote for us

Amanda Cadogan, Julian Gallant , Sara Kumar.


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19th May 2014