Rave Off in Acton

'Thousands' attended  all night sessions in disused buildings

Unlicensed all-night 'rave' events in Acton, which attracted thousands, have been stopped after complaints from residents about noise and disturbance.

Residents endured sleepless nights at weekends from drunken behaviour, shouting in the street and music being played so loud that one resident’s home vibrated.

Rave events had also been taking place within an empty training centre without required permission.

When Ealing Council’s response team and police officers visited these venues, they found extreme levels of loud music, thousands of people in attendance and suspected drug use.

Despite repeated warnings to people on site, from the council and police, the behaviour continued until court orders were served requiring both premises to be vacated.

The locations can't be revealed as additional security measures are currently being put into place to prevent any reoccurrence.

Pat Hayes, executive director of regeneration and housing, said: “These types of rave events are an increasing concern for the council and police because of the criminal activity and anti-social behaviour linked with them.

“Any person attempting to misuse these empty properties could be arrested, evicted by bailiffs and could incur a fine.”

“We are working closely with the police to monitor the situation and we would urge people not to put themselves in danger by attending any similar events.”

Any residents who are concerned about noise disturbance should call the council’s noise nuisance team on 020 8825 8111 from Monday to Friday and on 020 8825 5000 at weekends.

To report suspicious activity taking place around empty premises, residents should call Ealing police, by dialling 101.



13th May 2014


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