Poets Corner Plays Host to 'Pop Up' Art Gallery

V & E to open on Churchfield Road


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A group of artists from London have joined together to set up a ‘pop-up art gallery’ in vacant premises at 78 Churchfield Road, (near the corner of Spencer Road) in the heart of Acton's Poet’s Corner.

Called 'The V & E' after its founders and Poet’s Corner residents Vanessa Galbraith and Emily Burnett, the gallery will display a range of work from themselves and other local artists. It will opens for public viewing on 7th October running over two consecutive weekends until 16th October. If successful, the women hope to turn their exhibition into a permanent fixture.

The opportunity to open the gallery came out of the blue, when the building's owner offered the space for a temporary show. The decision sparked a flurry of activity from local friends and neighbours who ‘pitched in’ over the past week to get the gallery ready. Painting walls, scrubbing floors and generally sprucing up the space, the scene looked like something out of “60 Minute Makeover” with as many as 20 pairs of hands, including those of the families’ children.

“We've been totally overwhelmed by the support and help we've had, and can’t wait for the opening on the 7th" said Emily.

Visitors will be able to view and purchase a range of work in different mediums and for Emily this will be the first time her pictures have been on public view.

Emily has spent the last few years indulging her passion for framing, combined with collecting vintage wallpapers and textiles, often sourced from junk shops and auctions which she then sets about turning into her unique forms of collage.

“I’ve had a great response from family and friends as I’ve been producing my pictures, but I was keen to complete my initial collection before putting them on public show. I know have my first 8 pieces ready so the opportunity to open the gallery was fantastic timing and we jumped at the chance.” She said.

For Vanessa, mother of two young children, it's a chance to get back to what she likes doing best. After many years working as a travel photographer, she curated and exhibited in shows, published a book of her photographs, and also produced several experimental theatrical productions.

Other artists work will include photography and painting.

The V & E in Churchfield Road will be open from 10am – 6pm Friday 7th/Saturday 8th and 11-4pm Sunday 9th. 10am - 6pm Friday 14th/ Saturday15th and 11-4pm Sunday 16th.





4th October 2011


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