Whoops! Council Suppliers Get The Signs Wrong

Confusion over residents parking zone in West Acton


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Hundreds of parking signs are being replaced in West
(Zone Z) after the first lot had the wrong times on them.

West Acton Zone Z resident Vlod Barchuk says:

“This is a silly cock up.  One of the workman changing the signs said he had 2,000 to change! I hope that the Council won’t be out of pocket as a result of this mistake.”

Ealing's Conservative Transport and Environment spokesman Councillor Phil Taylor says:

''Last week all of the repeater plates in the West Acton CPZ (Zone Z) were updated to ensure that they comply with the most up to-date regulations covering signs and lines on the highway.  Unfortunately, instead of indicating that the zone operates from 10am to 11am they said 9am to 10am.  It is understood that the council will be replacing them all again this week.' 

“This is an unfortunate incident.  The signs with the wrong time make the zone completely unenforceable.  I will be asking the council to make sure that any penalty charge notices issued in the zone since these signs went up are cancelled without residents having to go to the trouble to write to the council.”

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Spot the difference: Vlod Barchuk with the correct and incorrect signs

An Ealing council spokeswoman said: ''The manufacturer has replaced 240 signs at their cost after they put the incorrect timings on them.

''Parking enforcement in the zone was suspended and the three penalty charge notices issued before the signs were changed have been cancelled.''




25th July 2012



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