Bye Bye Acton Town Hall...Welcome 'Everyone Active Acton Centre'

Name change causes anger


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Everyone Active Acton Centre

Leisure Centre Open Day Delayed

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Acton Town Hall's refurbishment is nearly complete but the transformation has caused outrage after it was revealed its name is to change.

The building - which has been known as Acton Town Hall since 1910 - will be renamed 'Everyone Active Acton Centre.'

It follows the six figure sponsorship deal which has enabled the renovation of the site, which includes a new leisure centre, swimming pool and library - all due to open soon.

The name change has been criticised by W3 residents who have described it as 'awful and tasteless' and expressed anger at not being consulted.

An Ealing Council spokesperson said:

"The new £19 million facility offers much more than a traditional town hall. The six figure sponsorship we have secured will help ensure this major new leisure and community complex offers excellent facilities and value for money for local people.

"Selling naming rights is already well established at major sports venues, and being able to secure this valuable deal in austere times is a real achievement."


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30th March 2014

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