Council Acts To Silence Noisy Laundry

24 hour business in W3 now subject to action

Ealing Council has stepped in to silence a laundry business that has been operating 24 hours a day and making local residents' lives a misery.

Locals near Greenock Road in W3 say the company, MacGill of Kensington, installed state of the art industrial washing and drying equipment operating day and night creating an incessant din - clearly audible from nearby streets.

They set up a petition and added comments about the nightmares they have been having to endure.

Carole Matthew said: ''The noise of this laundry prevents me from sleeping and the result is extreme stress and several visits to my GP who has given sleeping pills. This is not the way to live and local residents should have been consulted before their lives are changed so dramatically.This should be stopped immediately to preserve the health of all who live in the vicinity.

Planning Enforcement Officers visited the plant but told locals that the site can be used legitimately for heavy industrial purposes. No planning enforcement action is available.

However, after conducting noise surveys and issuing two abatement notices for the company to restrict their operations - which the company breached - the council is now prepared to take the matter to court.

A council spokesperson said: ''Noisy businesses are frustrating for local people and we have made sure residents are kept informed throughout the process with regular email updates.

“We have done everything in our power to ensure the area is not disturbed any longer, and we are now preparing to take the unusual step of applying for a high court injunction. The injunction means the owners could be arrested if a breach occurs again.''

The company has so far not responded to our requests for comment.



8th August 2012




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